Ciarra K. Walters (b.1992) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles whose work explores identity and society’s sexism and racism practices, co-mingling in-between photography and film. Walters directs her shoots in a free-flow manner, playing with common concepts that shape roles of race, gender, identity, and patriarchy. In exploring the social structures between men and women of color she focuses on how these structures affect our interactions with one another on a daily basis. Walters practice involves creating a delicate, yet dynamic perspective between both sexes while subtlety unraveling the complexities between the two.

Provoking a space for critical examination about society and the roles we abide by, Ciarra K. Walters continues to critically question Black women and men’s role in an era of freedom and constraint while focusing on ways to present powerful positive messages connecting the two genders and all people of color.