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Holiday Icing Mix

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    Makes Blue, Red, Green and White icing for Holiday cookie decorating. Our naturally colorful icing mix is plant-based, artificial dye-free, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan friendly. Enough icing for dozens of cookies! CONTAINS organic powdered sugar 1 blue color packet 1 red packet 1 green packet WHAT YOU NEED milk (or substitute) vanilla 4 piping bags or plastic baggies INGREDIENTS: POWDERED SUGAR: organic cane sugar, organic tapioca starch, BLUE COLOR: maltodextrin, spirulina extract, RED COLOR: maltodextrin, beet powder, annatto extract, GREEN COLOR: maltodextrin, turmeric, spirulina extract Put powdered sugar in medium sized mixing bowl and add 3 tbsp milk and ½ tsp vanilla. Stir with spoon or hand mixer on low. Add 1-2 more tsp milk depending on desired thickness. Mix until smooth. Put ¼ cup icing (each) into 3 small bowls. Set aside remaining icing for white. Open color packets and add ½ tsp of color to each bowl and stir. Add more color to get deeper shades.
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