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42" Rose Gold Glitter Ombre Heart

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    42" Rose Gold Glitter Ombre Heart super shape foil balloon. Large 3D outlined heart with cavity in the center with ombre-style flecks of rose gold and gold fading into one another around the balloon. Supershape balloons indicate the large size and design of the balloon. They create a huge impact for any theme imaginable. Typically the main focus of a balloon bouquet, or top or a balloon column. In contrast to Junior Shape, Standard and Orbz balloons, Supershape balloons are typically much larger and in most cases are a two sided print. Some Supershapes like Ultrashapes, Multi-balloon and Jumbo provide further details. Ultrashapes are speciality shaped balloons that have multiple sides and angles to it creating a life like effect. For example, they may be in the actual shape of a gift basket, or the shape of a dog. Multi-balloon means it is multiple balloon connected and inflated together and not just one solid shape/print. Jumbo typically means it does not have a particular shape, but is a very large round or star balloon. Supershape balloons are self-sealing and reusable. Balloons are shipped packaged and not inflated.

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