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About curator

Andrea M. Delph is an independent curator based in Bushwick, New York. A tri-cultural, first generation American, born into Peruvian and Guyanese decent in the South Bronx, Andrea’s underlying motivations for her curatorial work is drawn to the political and social implications surrounding an artist’s practice which can range from the directness of sexuality, human psyche, community, fictions underpinning power structures and cultural representation. What invigorates her most is the act in bringing to the forefront the forgotten or silenced narratives and connecting them through a public exchange of visual representation.

Highlighting the need for more social responsibility in the arts, she stated, “I think curators are important in defining [an] attitude, which is something that starts with ourselves.” Moving back to New York from Los Angeles this past April has been a staple to her growth explaining that New York City has become a playground for ideas, surveying the urgencies, desires and currencies of this contemporary moment that no other city has been truly able to capture.